Search For Animera
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PvP Battle for the stars
Star siege

Prepare for an intergalactic showdown with intense PvP space battles within the Nubera galaxy! Confront adversaries in quick PvP duels, seize victory, and claim incredible rewards for your success!

Immerse yourself in the world on uncompromising battles across the galaxy.

Game Lore
The War For Animera

The Year Is 2230. The Omnipresent AI and ruler of the free world, Gaia, leads its quasi-human army of Gaians to a resource-rich galaxy called Nubera, to conquer and build a new seat of power for its limitless domain.

A dissident group of humans called Tsalians stand in their way along with hostile alien species of Nubera. To achieve domination, they must battle these various factions, each with their vast arsenal of weaponry and fleet of spaceships.

The Ultimate Prize: Animera - The Key To Conquering The Nubera Galaxy And Reigning Supreme.

Custom loadouts
Unleash creativity, conquer new horizons.
More than just assets, you’ll customize your weapons and spaceships with multiple adaptive, swift and lethal abilities that will create opportunities to smash your opponents. No two loadouts will remain the same, intensifying the warfare.
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Display your prowess in Search For Animera: Star Siege, a Free-To-Play cosmic shooter where adversaries from every corner of the galaxy vie for glory, fame, and lucrative rewards.
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Customize your spaceships in the pursuit for glory
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Engage in fast paced 5 vs 5 battles to emerge as the winner!
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